High Yield Secured Real Estate Fund IV

A 5-year close-ended CAT II AIF investing in high yielding debentures and mezzanine securities* of Indian entities involved with real estate, logistics, hotels, and healthcare businesses.

'CARE AIF 1' [CARE (Alternative Investment Fund "ONE")]

Fund Details

Primary Product Features

  • Senior / secured financing backed by tangible assets at 1.5-2x cover allows our funds to access a wide range of hard asset-backed high yield credit opportunities.
  • The instruments will be secured by monetizable assets, related cash flow streams and corporate guarantees, etc.
  • Selectively focuses on de-stressing/ de-bottlenecking identified assets/corporate situation via a combination of refinancing existing financiers, last mile funding, rescue financing, acquiring distressed assets and restructuring them with the goal of realizing value and cash from such businesses and companies.


  • Estimated Security Cover:

    ~1.5x to 2.0x

  • Estimated Hard Asset Cover:

    ~1.5x to 2.0x


  • Predominantly South India -

    Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh

  • Opportunistic investments in

    Mumbai and Pune

Deal Metrics

  • Sub-100 crores for 3-4 years
  • Listed/ Unlisted investments
  • Non-Convertible Debentures
  • Mezzanine securities (including warrants, CCPS)

Key Underwriting Philosophy

  • Downside protected investments
  • Multi-layered secured security structures

* Subject to market conditions. Investment in securities is a function of structure, environment, and the availability of the deal.


An investment in this Fund is suitable only for sophisticated investors and requires the financial ability and willingness to remain invested for the total tenure of the funds, to accept the high risks and lack of liquidity inherent in an investment in a Fund of this nature Investments in AIFs are subject to various risks viz. market risk, credit risk, investment risk, etc. and to various forces and factors over which the AMC has no control. This page is for informational purposes only and is not a complete disclosure of every material fact, and the terms and conditions of the product. It does not constitute a prospectus or information memorandum or an offer to buy any securities or other investments. Please read the fund documents carefully before investing. Past performance may or may not be sustained in future. Client has an option for direct on-boarding without intermediation of persons engaged in distribution services.

CareEdge Advisory AIF Grading Disclaimer: CareEdge Advisory’s AIF Grading is not a recommendation to purchase, sell, or hold a security/ fund. It neither comments on the current market price, suitability for a particular investor nor on the prospective performance of the fund with respect to appreciation, volatility of net asset value (NAV), or yield of the fund. The AIF grading does not address the fund’s ability to meet the payment obligations to the investors. The AIF Grading is based on current information furnished to CareEdge Advisory by the fund or obtained by CareEdge Advisory from sources it considers reliable. CareEdge Advisory does not, however, guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of any information and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information. CareEdge Advisory does not perform an audit in connection with any grading and may, on certain occasions, rely on. The grading may be changed, suspended, or withdrawn as a result of changes in, or unavailability of, such information, or based on other circumstances. Funds rated by CareEdge Advisory have paid a grading fee.

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Securities investments are subject to market risks and there is no assurance or guarantee that the objective of the investments will be achieved.