Portfolio Management Services

Sundaram India Secular Opportunities Portfolio (SISOP)

Companies should exhibit high corporate governance standards, led by visionary leadership

  • Concentrated

    ~15 stocks portfolio

  • Across market cap

    Multi Cap
    (skewed toward large cap)

  • Across sector

    Multi Sector

  • Long tem

    orientation in portfolio building i.e. >3 years

Compounding Stories

  • Grow more than 1.5x nominal GDP growth

  • Potential to generate 20% cash flow/earnings growth across market cycles

  • ROCE: >20%

  • Self funded model

Product Sheet

Sundaram Emerging Leadership Fund

  • Portfolio

    Concentrated 20-25 stocks &
    Multi sector Portfolio

  • Stocks

    Stocks with less > Rs500bn market cap

  • Research

    Leverage Sundaram’s mid-cap
    research strength

  • Scalable

    Companies with potential to transition from Mid to Large cap & Small cap to Mid cap

  • India 2025 - Themes
    • Consumer Discretionary
    • Financial inclusion
    • Hospitality Services
  • Investment Philosophy
    • Emerging leaders – focus on Mid/Small cap companies which are growing faster than industry
    • Asset light / High ROCE businesses
    • Excellent Cash conversion from operations
Product Sheet