A small acorn grows into a large oak tree

A 4-year close-ended fund investing in small and mid-cap stocks with the objective of generating long term capital appreciation.

Fund Highlights
Investment Strategy:

A bottom-up approach investment process to invest in companies with the potential to grow from good to great.

Strong products
Strong brand

High growth businesses, sustainable competitive advantages, niche offerings

Strong financials
Sound financials

Maintain margins, cash flows and strong balance sheet despite competition

Quality management
Quality management

Promoters, management, good corporate governance

small cap

~20 high conviction mid and small cap stocks

Key Focus Areas

Limited exit window post lock-in (refer to the Fund documents)

investee company

Min. 50% in midcaps, Max. 50% in small caps and 10% in large caps (optional)

Key Focus Areas

4x4 Wealth Multiplier Themes

  • Capex Maestros
  • Phygital Bluechips
  • Consumption Czars
  • Export Voyagers